Michelle Selent Double Diamond
I just wanted to share a little bit of why I became an It Works distributor. I had been seeing bit's and pieces about It Works on facebook and was very intrigued to say the least. Then someone I knew personally became a distributor and shared her results with me. I remember thinking if those wraps will work for her then surely they will work for me. I thought about how a business kit was the cost of 1 retail box of wraps and thought if these wraps will do for me what they did for my friend why wouldn't I want to share that with others. I am very sensitive to feeling insecure about your body. My belly after my four pregnancies was literally my most insecure part of my body. I would dress to hide it because I felt so bad about it. I worked religiously to help it with exercise and was always left wanting. It feels good to have more confidence. To have REAL results. To feel motivated to do better about health and fitness. And it feels even better to share that feeling with others. So I signed up before I even did my first wrap and I held my breath hoping it would actually work for me and when it did my excitement and passion for this company just exploded. And to have the added benefit of income added to all of that never hurts either. I have tried other home business opportunities before but none of them have felt like this. Fun, Friendships and freedom ~ Discover the opportunity.

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